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Rhio's Casa Dei Bambini


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Welcome to Fall 2003


All of us here, at Casa dei Bambini, are eagerly looking forward to seeing the children and parents on September 2, Tuesday, from 9 to 12 noon.  No lunches are necessary the first day.  Children can bring the following: 

                           Ceramic Mug and photo of themselves

 Regular hours resume on Wednesday, the 3rd, Children can then bring their lunch and small bedding for nappers plus a small back pack if necessary for diapers.

We have been busy having the carpets cleaned by Robert Foster Carpet Care and the vinyl floors stripped and waxed by Environmental Control.  We even had Rotor Tooter out to clean out the lines.  The shelves have all been painted and rearranged for a fresh new start to the year.

 Casa dei Bambini welcomes Gina Haake back for her third year as Primary teacher.  Claudia Oseguero returns to the toddler class or Preparatory (Prep Class) from maternity leave with a new perspective of parenting!  Megan Codigan will not only help us with lunches but assist in the Prep class with Claudia.  Gina will be assisted by our newest staff member Jenniffer Bernstein.  Jennifer has many years of experience and units in early childhood education.  She is new to Montessori and is in awe of this unique approach to young children.  We welcome her and know you will like her gentle ways with the children.

Rhio will be assisting, coaching, administrating, training, and overall supporting everyone with her many years of experience.  She is looking forward to the day to day running of the school after 30 years of teaching!  Rhio will still conduct the Parent Toddler Class on Friday Mornings.

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